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DirectDoc provides a mobile platform for physicians to enroll and manage patients into a direct primary care practice. Within this structure, Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) get paid through monthly fees directly from patients. Our mobile platform facilitates payments and connects physicians directly to patients.

  • No third-party payers.

  • No fee-for-service.

  • No administrative burdens.

  • Strong, longitudinal primary care-patient relationships



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Technology: We provide a comprehensive platform that makes scheduling appointments, communication with patients, telehealth services, medical record tracking, and wearable technology data aggregation and analysis.

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Payments: By using a direct primary care model, physicians can receive consistent reimbursements from patients with no constraints on the type of care to provide patients. Because we bypass third party payers, overhead costs associated with their services (as much as 50% of healthcare costs) can be channeled directly to physicians and clinical services.

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Autonomy: No interaction with third party payers or fee-for-service means you can focus all of your attention and creativity on patient care. No need to spend time and resources on coding, unimportant charitng, or prior authrotization paperwork.

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Patient Panel: Because we partner with large consortiums of rural farmers in the developing world, you will have access to large patient panels to join your primary care practice.

How it Works

  • Joining DirectDoc is as easy and risk-free as possible. 

  • You can apply to join for free. Once we approve you as a physician, you can sign up any new or current patient onto the platform. Signing up a patient is as easy as sending them an invite via text, email, or in-office with a QR code. You are free to negotiate with patients monthly membership fees and services that are codified in a virtual contract. 

  • If you are open to receiving new patients, we can also send approved patient applications to you, which you will have the option of allowing into your practice. 

  • We also partner with non-for-profits who are interested in increasing access to primary care services. Charitable donations will fund membership fees for eligible patients who cannot afford membership fees. 

  • DirectDoc takes a small percentage of physicians’ monthly membership fees to sustain the platform. The application itself is free to join and use.


  • By applying to become a physician ambassador you will take a leadership role in our movement to increase primary care access across the developing world. 

  • In this role, we give you the resources necessary to recruit other physicians onto the DirectDoc platform. 

  • If you are interested in shaping the platform, you will be invited to meetings with our development team, get access to exclusive features, and be among the first to test new features.

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